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Maastricht Train station

This website is designed to give you an impression what the city of Maastricht looks like. Click below to make a selection: 

Old Maastricht
New Maastricht
The  Caves
 Other Maastricht pics
Maastricht online

My Netherlands Page

personal pictures are available on my personal photo page.

Old Maastricht


The famous old bridge of Maastricht

View from the old city wall
View from the other side of the wall

Entrance to the city wall
People fishing from the castle tower

Idylic scenery in the inner castle

The inner castle with parts of the castle wall

Part of Maastricht Town Wall

A dungeon (apparently with a canon inside)!

A small street in Maastricht

A lively street in the old district
Strolling along the river

Saint blessing the ships coming through the old bridge

Statue with burning torch
the inventor of the gas light
Maastricht town hall

Maastricht town hall 2
Closeup. The star is the symbol of Maastricht.
Facade of the Museum of Spanish Government 
Depicts the Eagle of the Habsburg Empire (Maastricht was under the rule of the house of Habsburg at the time of Charles V.)
The idylic backside of onze lieve frauwen kerk

Annual Autumn party in the Vrijthof NEW
Brass band at the Vrijthof NEW
Main street in Maastricht  NEW
Cathedral like window in Maastricht train station NEW
Church at St. Emmaplein


New Maastricht


The Plein 1992
 a reminder of the 1992 Maastricht Treaty
Seat of Limburg's Provincal Government
 on a little island, just outside the old city
Another building of the provincial government 

a new housing complex

modern housing with the Boneffant Museum in the background
the  city library

inside view of the city library
another view of the Plein 1992
main entrance of the Boneffant Museum
Sculpture to celebrate united Europe
Modern sculpture next to the Boneffant Museum 


The new footbridge


The Justice building


Night falls on Maastricht
A lonely tree at nightfall
View of the industrial part of Maastricht at nightfall
from my window 
The same scenery a bit earlier

Maastricht sky

Another nightfall picture

Maastricht's City Park

Rural landscape around Maastricht I new
Rural landscape around Maastricht II

The St. Pieter Caves

Me and Herbert in front of the caves
all cave pics by Herbert Siedler
Advertisement in the caves

Great modern cave painting
download big version
Oven built by the Germans during WW2

Other Pictures of Maastricht


Street in Maastricht
 at my B&B
Some particularly "interesting" exhibits from Maastricht's former china production
 at the Boneffanten Museum
Militaristic tea pots
at the Boneffanten Museum
Caffé with Maastricht star and EU flag

Shopping street in Maastricht


Maastricht on the internet


Offical site of the Municipality of Maastricht
Maastricht Net
info on events in the area
VVV Maastricht
Tourist Infom, with a historical section
Dutch Railways


These pictures were all taken by Daniel Spichtinger (myself). Feel free to use them for non-commerical purposes. For commercial use please get into touch with me.

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